2 official directed his firing, he has few realistic avenues left to get back his job. Psychologists surveyed hundreds of alt-right supporters. In the twilight of his career, Strzok was integral to two of the bureau’s most high-profile investigations: the Russia case; and the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

Mr. Trump and his allies seized on the text messages — exchanged during the 2016 campaign with a former F.B.I. But this weekend, members attacked cops and journalists. His lawyer has said that had Strzok wanted to prevent Trump’s election, he could have leaked that Trump’s campaign was under investigation for possibly coordinating with Russia — a revelation that might have upended his bid to become president.

Antifa clashes with police and journalists in Charlottesville and DC Antifa says it fights fascists and neo-Nazis. What Sunday’s Unite the Right 2 rally tells us about the state of the alt-right in America Attendance might be low, but we can learn a lot from the rally, counterprotests, and the broader response. But is she a sociopath?. lawyer, Lisa Page — in assailing the Russia investigation as an illegitimate “witch hunt.” Mr. Strzok further went on to emphasize that no text he sent would ever influence his conduct in an investigation against the president, and that Republican attempts to undermine the FBI were a “victory notch in Putin’s belt.”

The termination marks a remarkable downfall for Strzok, a 22-year veteran of the bureau who investigated Russian spies, defense officials accused of selling secrets to China and myriad other important cases. This, I think, is a smart tactic—playing defense would allow the Republicans to continue insinuating guilt, while going on the offensive against their inquisitors casts the accusations in their proper partisan light. The results are unsettling. Sharp Objects’ most obvious suspect may not be the murderer, but she’s still dangerous Amma is a would-be Machiavelli. to become one of its most experienced counterintelligence agents, was a key figure in the early months of the inquiry.

On January 20, 2018, Senator Ron Johnson (R–WI) released a letter in which he stated that the FBI’s technical system had failed to preserve five months’ worth of texts between Strzok and Page. Unite the Right 2018 was a pathetic failure After last year’s disaster in Charlottesville, very few white nationalists showed up to the follow-up rally in Washington, DC. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) told Strzok, “I can’t help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk how many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eyes.…”

The lawyer, Aitan Goelman, criticized the firing in a statement Monday, saying he was fired because of political pressure and “to punish Special Agent Strzok for political speech protected by the First Amendment.” He said the firing “should be deeply troubling to all Americans.”

On Monday, Strzok’s team launched a GoFundMe page with a lengthy statement to raise money for his “legal costs and lost income,” and said on the site that his firing was “apparently driven by political pressure.” Because Strzok is a senior-level FBI employee, and because the FBI’s No. 2, Sessions said the allegations that Strzok sent anti-Trump communications “would raise serious questions of public trust” if proven to be true. “We will ensure that anyone who works on any investigation in the Department of Justice does so objectively and free from bias or favoritism,” Sessions said.

At one point, Rep. It’s unclear if he plans to pursue legal action against the bureau.

Strzok, who was a deputy assistant director for counterintelligence at the bureau, has apologized for sending the messages and said they reflected personal views that did not affect his work. According to the letter, the texts in question were sent between mid-December 2016 and mid-May 2017.[73] A Justice Department official later said that the technical lapse had affected thousands of FBI-issued phones, which failed to store text messages for periods of up to a year.[74]

In a statement released on Dec. Strzok, who rose over 20 years at the F.B.I. Results show supporters are prejudiced, dehumanizing, and aggressive.


What is a Smart contract

So if you make, for example, a really good equity agreement that has a bunch of different functionality a company can charge for access to their contract.”Smart Property And The Internet Of ThingsIt’s easy to think about a smart contract managing a will, up to a point. The main changes are: we change the proof variable into a bytes32 array and call it proofs, we make it private, and we add a function to check if a document has already been notarized by iterating that array.

When a set of instructions residing on one of these accounts it is called a smart contract. But what if you live in the real world and have physical possessions like, you know, most of us? The answer is something called smart property. After this initial transaction, the contract becomes forever a part of the blockchain and its address never changes. Instead, a node can create a special transaction that assigns an address to a contract. This would quickly become unwieldy. Contract methods can return a value or store data. This data is part of the state of the blockchain.

It’s already happening. But enthusiasts say that smart contracts should be seen as an evolution of the legal system, not its erasure.“We don’t think that this will replace the legal system as much as provide an intermediate layer between transacting and going to court,” says Thomas. Nonetheless, the role of lawyers might look very different in the future. Rather than having lawyers adjudicate individual contracts, the role of lawyers might shift to producing smart contract templates on a competitive market. It sounds a bit like the marketplace for WordPress themes.“I imagine a lot of people will create contracts that do different things,” says Rapoport. New-entrants could interact with public registers in a way previously limited to official registrars, and private transactions between individuals would be less reliant on intermediary service providers. Copy the original file with the name contracts/ProofOfExistence2.sol and apply these changes. Contract selling points would be their quality, how customizable they are, and their ease of use. The instructions are just computer code, essentially just logic. The contract will run as part of the creation of newer blocks up to the gas limit or completion. But is it realistic to expect conventional financial institutions to usher in such a new age of disruptive competition?

Let’s change the contract to support multiple document proofs. The smart contract code facilitates, verifies, and enforces the negotiation or performance of an agreement or transaction. It is the simplest form of decentralized automation.

An important aspect of how smart contracts work in Ethereum is that they have their own address in the blockchain. You can see from the examples I have given that smart contracts are already beginning to replace middlemen. An interconnected blockchain and a public language of code for writing smart contracts that execute across that blockchain would create competition in a range of areas. It would also expand the ability of disruptive fintech firms to interact with systemic financial infrastructure. Whenever a node wants to call any of the methods defined by the contract, it can send a message to the address for the contract, specifying data as input and the method that must be called. If a simple enough user interface were developed it could remove a host of legal headaches, like updating your will. It all makes sense if you can imagine yourself keeping all of your assets in bitcoin. We also saw the potential this has for future applications — remember John and Mike’s house sale? They didn’t need an estate agent, lawyer or bank, did they?

Although smart contracts are still in their nascent stage, the potential is clear. Just like with the bet or FedEx example, once the smart contract can verify the triggering condition–in this case, your death–the contract goes into effect and your assets are divvied up. With all this, it may sound like we won’t need lawyers anymore. “And they can essentially sell them for others to use. Imagine if allocating your assets after your death was as simple as moving an adjustable slider that determines who gets how much. If and when the pre-defined rules are met, the agreement is automatically enforced. In other words, contract code is not carried inside each transaction that makes use of it. If “poked” by a transaction from another account, the smart contract can:

A smart contract is a computer code running on top of a blockchain containing a set of rules under which the parties to that smart contract agree to interact with each other. This transaction can also run code at the moment of creation.


Secrets of WeChat Network Marketing

For brands with limited budgets, it’s impossible to target all of China. Don’t expect to enhance brand awareness and amass an audience all at the same time. Wechat is probably the future of the e-Commerce market, because many Taobao shops are disappointed by the commission and the lack of visibility that they have on Taobao/ Tmall. To sell on Wechat, you need a targeted community and a wechat Store (+ Wechat payment) .

It’s similar with WeChat. Instead, use your budget to build initial connections with target consumers. With over 1.3 billion people and 34 provinces, China is a huge and sophisticated market. For instance, you could set up an auto reply for the keyword ‘apply’ which would include a link to an application form for your school.

Marketers can target Moment ads by age, location, gender and device type. Let them know who you are, what you do and help them experience your product or service. We hope that now you have the knowledge and resources to decide if WeChat is right for you and if so – how to get started. The plan is to increase WeChat’s ad loads and monetize further, but the real plays are for payments.

In this article, we looked at what WeChat is and how it can be useful for your activity business. Content including useful tips, market information, special offers etc can really help encourage your audience to follow you on Wechat.

For new or small brands, keep your expectations low and realistic. We also provided an overview of the key business functions including content distribution, location-based marketing, and community management. The ad load inventory is less than one ad per day, and when you compare that with Facebook global, Facebook’s doing at least 10 ads per day, so there’s ample room to improve. Like customized menus, they can be very useful for schools looking to provide information quickly and easily for students. It can be difficult to get visitors on Wechat, so producing good quality content regularly can help increase your visibility. Graziani expects WeChat to roll out better targeting tools soon so brands can buy ads against specific interests.

It is quite popular now to develop a Wechat store and sell on Wechat to the community. Many luxury brands have launched a Wechat store, where they can expose their new collection and sell to their VIP customers. Once this is done, there are opportunities for further communication and a deeper understanding of your brand.

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Blackjack is quite the popular game for many as they attempt to use their skills to leverage their odds of winning a game of change. Ethereum was only brought to market around the middle of 2015, so bitcoin definitely has a bit of a head start on it. However, there are a number of indicators that Ether could overtake its cryptocurrency cousin. First off, Bitcoin has attracted a lot of negative attention from certain governments because of a number of scandals it has been involved in. ETH, however, has learned from the mistakes of bitcoin and has instituted a number of safeguards to avoid these types of situations.

If you get an Ace with a 10, Jack, Queen or King then you’ve hit the ‘Natural’ or ‘Blackjack’, an instantly winning hand. Though if the dealer also gets it in two cards, the hand is tied and bets are returned. After receiving the initial deal, it’s time to play. You can ‘Hit’, which means you get dealt another card, ‘Stand’, keep your hand and force the dealer to play, or ‘Doubledown’, which means you can you can bet up to 100% your original stake in return for committing to stand after receiving one more card.

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Alex Jones and Donald Trump

Alex Jones started his career in Austin with a live, call-in format public-access cable television program. In 1996, Jones switched to radio, hosting a show named The Final Edition on KJFK ” America Destroyed By Design.”

″If you come out before the midterms and make the censorship the big issue of them trying to steal the election. And if you make the fact we need an Internet Bill of Rights, and antitrust-busting on these companies, if they don’t back off right now,” Alex Jones declared

Trump’s online base of support often appears like a machine, one that creates and amplifies narratives supporting the president into the mainstream and attacks anyone perceived as his opponent. The machine works so well that, as was the case in the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., its combative, conspiratorial tone has been absorbed by a larger portion of the right-wing Internet. But Syria has always been a dividing point between the pro-Trump Internet and Trump. Almost exactly a year ago, the United States responded to another suspected chemical attack with airstrikes, and the Trump Internet erupted in fury. “I’m officially off the Trump Train,” tweeted one Infowars correspondent.

His most recent rant has been that the “deep state” planted a spy in his campaign. People familiar with the matter said that person was not a mole but an F.B.I. source, an American scholar who had worked for years with Republicans. He had been finding out what Trump campaign officials who had contact with suspected Russian agents knew about the Russian hacking of Democratic emails. One of those officials has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the special counsel, Robert Mueller.

Then he paused, contemplated the middle distance, tugged on his right earlobe, and suddenly became grave as if the mention of a funeral had psychically transported him to one. “I think they’re going to kill Trump,” he said resignedly, a transition so jarring it was comical, despite the macabre subject matter. “Or they’re going to have an assassination attempt on Hillary. All hell’s going to break loose.

Many believe the right solution to bad speech, John Stuart Mill told us the solution to bad speech is more speech. Censorship is profoundly dangerous and it’s wrong. And if Facebook or anyone else thinks that what  Jones is saying is wrong, is nutty, the right way to respond to it is the purpose, here’s why you’re wrong, to engage it on the merits. It’s not simply to say, we’re banning you from speaking and we, the Star Chamber – mind you, this is one company but it is a company that is the portal of communication for most of Americans. It is a company with power – by any measure the big tech companies today, they are bigger and control more market than Standard Oil did when the federal government broke them up under the anti-trust laws.

It is fine to say that you are defending Alex Jones’ right to say despicable things not because you agree with him but precisely because you don’t agree with him. Cruz was, in fact, victimized as he says he was by InfoWars.

The Austin American-Statesman reports Alex Jones is in the middle of a custody lawsuit, and his ex-wife has declared his fiery rants prove he is not a fit parent. “He’s not a stable person,” Kelly Jones has said, according to the Statesman. “He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast.”.


). The Russia study is a sham. It’s truly a hidden story for special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump operation together to expose thousands of pedophiles hidden in plain view — intercept Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama), who will soon be under catch.

QAnon supporters love to meditate about Q’s identity, predicting that it’s either a highly placed White House staffer or even Trump himself. Other, more mundane theories touching Q’s selfhood abound, but there’s not much compelling attestation pointing in any direction.

Had to unfriend my own brother on Facebook. “We have contrivance,” Anonymous said in the video, which is more involved than many of its elder videos and features Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. I am hardly on it at all but caught a snarky inform after I outed myself to him as a Q patron. I have constantly tested to rise above and assay we can’t be parted. Never utter any insults to him or the hive of befriending that circle to attack me. Didn’t restrain there, next day he suborned a Q hate dissertation and tagged me, then he and his friends proceeded to call me and Q supporters idiots, happy trash, etc. It’s really sad that some people perception just fine spewing the hatred. Although Amazon.com took “Amazon’s Choice” drip off of Qanon wares after NBC News asked the company about it, thousands of Q-related products, like T-chemise, cup, and jewelry, are still available. Sad, but I will be there if he indigence me to be when the SHTF.

On top of that, it’s anxious to keep in mind who the villains are here: the rich. The relations who already have all the money and influence. One person question at that Pennsylvania banter told NPR, “He’s declaration all these things about how they lead, how they—these rich people using their rhino to kind of, copy, manipulate the masses.” And the deed that’s most unfix about that is that it’s true. Or at least a nugget of it is. Billionaires have been construction and consolidating power and politic influence preference crazy in the last few decades, but it’s all for much more mundane goals preference destroying environmental protections or rolling back corporate taxes or pervade Harvard Law to stock pro-calling classes. That fill is scary and discouraging but it doesn’t have the agency flick urgency of a bunch of kids needing to be retaken.

In April, hundreds of QAnon adherents advancement in Central Business District Washington, D.C., demanding “transparency” from the Justice Department. In a 3-critical video, the family threatens to “wreck” QAnon, an online conspiracy hypothesis, speculation that has bounced from the internet into real life, intercept the presence of followers waving “Q” signs at a Trump deride in Tampa Bay, Florida. Anonymous respect the increasing(prenominal) impact of the knot in its video, which was punctuated with snippets of people’s reveal, saying it’s worried there will be real-world repercussions from QAnon’s activities.

The QAnon conspiracy, from the threshold, has fixated on the gloomy impression of covert kid molestation sound, drawing on and expanding the (thoroughly debunked) notion of a retired brat-prostitution cabal based out of a DC pizza pub. “We will not rest idly by while you take advantage of the misinformed and despicably educated.”.

In June, an armed man in an armored producer he made himself shut down the highway intimately the Hoover Dam while growling about Trump not forelock up everyone he subscribes and referencing QAnon. The mankind now faces terrorism charges.

Which brings us to the most suggestive communication to the coincident. While the Confederacy hypothesis started in some of the darkest parts of the internet, it has recently shifted to epidemic social plexure and online retailers.

A ‘third strike’ for InfoWars

Infowars Ban Youtube
Now that they have, both companies stand accused of censorship by Jones and his followers. And yet, if Disney, Fox, or Comcast opted not to air InfoWars, it’d be considered a programming decision. The site’s second strike followed a few days later and involved similar claims.

If News Corp didn’t give him a column in The Wall Street Journal, or if The New York Times didn’t publish his op-ed, it’d be considered editorial discretion. Facebook and YouTube are media giants, too, worth more than all of those other companies combined. But they’ve never wanted to admit it. They continue to refuse the characterization to their own detriment. It was their own mythology about being neutral, coupled with the opacity of their algorithms and moderation practices, that enabled people like Jones—and more than a few Republican members of Congress—to baselessly accuse the companies of secret censorship in the first place. Now that they actually have restricted Jones’ access, Facebook and YouTube have only given him more fodder to back up that particular conspiracy theory.

YouTube’s decision to terminate Jones’ account comes after he tried to circumvent a 90-day live streaming ban by promoting a different live stream on other channels. After giving Jones a warning, the company learned of the violation and saw fit to terminate the channel. Facebook and other social media companies are not just massive corporations; they’re vehicles for millions of people to share their personal views and perspectives. Many observers believe that shutting out a specific entity because of their speech doesn’t bode well for them, or others, especially when “hate speech” is at issue. The rules determining what hate speech actually is are often vague at best.

The Alex Jones Channel, which counts 2.4 million subscribers, still appeared in YouTube search results by midday Monday but presented only a take-down notice when users clicked in.

In July, Facebook removed four of Jones’ videos and hit his own personal profile with a 30-day ban over what the firm deemed as a violation of its policies on bullying and hate speech. The company said at the time the official Infowars page, among others where Jones was an administrator, was getting close to the threshold of being banned from the site due to repeated violations.

The move represents the ‘third strike’ for InfoWars, which received its first in February for ‘harassment and bullying’, after posting videos claiming that the Parkland shooting survivors were crisis actors – a claim that would be laughable were it not also so callous. Jones claimed that YouTube would delete his channel, which currently has “33 thousand” videos and more than 1.5 billion views.

“If they are committed to disinformation, they do have to kick Alex Jones.”.

Last time Alex Jones received what at the time would be his second strike, YouTube had bundled two Parkland shooting conspiracy videos into a single strike. “All the leftist garbage, they p*ss on our grave and on the billions of views, and 2.5 million subscribers and all the work and amazing interviews we have done,” Jones said. Infowars has the removed videos front and center on its homepage at the moment in a piece called “Watch These Videos YouTube Doesn’t Want You To See.” The author complains that the videos shouldn’t have been banned because they were shown “in a news, documentary, scientific, or artistic context.”. In a statement, YouTube said that all users agree to comply with its terms of service and community guidelines when they sign up to use YouTube. President Trump tweeted this morning to accuse Twitter of “shadow banning” prominent Republicans by demoting them in Twitter’s search box. “When users violate these policies repeatedly, like our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures, we terminate their accounts,” the company said. . “Alex Jones never should’ve been allowed to get this far-spreading hate,” said Shaun King, a popular columnist who writes about race and justice issues.

Indeed, an argument could be made that this could end up benefiting Jones thanks to the increased awareness. The InfoWars app, for instance, is still the fourth most popular free app in the App Store’s news category. That’s something Twitter characterized as a bug and quickly fixed, but it’s made supposed censorship by Silicon Valley platforms a hot topic for far-right personalities like Jones, who’s calling the topic “Big Tech’s Murder of Free Speech” today. And while the different platforms have shut Jones down, people can still go visit his site. . On the flip side, “this was not about right or left, but right and wrong,” tweeted Sleeping Giants, a group for social media activists.

However, those videos were posted within days of each other. The publish dates for the four videos bundled in the most recent strike span over 3 months, from May to July of this year.

That’s not how the account termination process works. YouTube applies strikes, which the channel owner can then appeal.

If a channel gets three strikes within a three-month period, the channel is terminated.

You can read more about how this process works here. But since a rise of misinformation online around elections, such as the 2016 presidential vote, the tech companies have faced increasing calls from lawmakers and the news media to address their role in that spread of false information and a related increase in partisan divisions. The tech companies have recently stepped up enforcement — but that has led to accusations of political bias, largely from conservatives. YouTube removed Infowars channels as well, including the most popular: The Alex Jones Channel, which had 2.4 million subscribers.

For now, the Infowars app is still available in Apple’s U.S. iPhone App Store, where it is the no. Jones’s podcasts can still be downloaded via RSS feed. 37 ranked news app, just above Bloomberg’s; it’s possible Apple will pull the plug there, too. Jones told The Washington Post that the termination of his accounts across multiple platforms today was “a counter-strike against the global awakening.” “You’re on the wrong side of history mainstream media,” he said. @RealAlexJones still has his Twitter account, where he has 830,000 followers; @Infowars has another 418,000. Last week, podcast platform Stitcher also pulled all of Jones’ episodes and Facebook had earlier suspended Jones’ personal account, and YT took down a number of videos from his InfoWars channel for violating “policies against child endangerment and hate speech.” On July 9, Jones launched his free InfoWars app, which he’s been encouraging his followers to download. In the wake of these bans, Jones quickly took to a live video stream, available at Infowars.com as well as on Twitter, to denounce the technology giants banning him from these platforms.

“All of these social media platforms will make all these speeches and press releases that they’re really committed to ending disinformation on their platform, but they’re not really,” said Alice Marwick, a communications professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

In response to our query about Jones’ removal, a YouTube spokesperson said that accounts are terminated for users who “repeatedly violate their policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures.”.

The controversial nature of Infowars prompted journalists and the public to question why Facebook and YouTube allowed the site’s content onto their platforms as both companies fight fake news and abuse. Last month, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg attempted to defend permitting Infowars on his site, claiming he was protecting free speech, but his comments simply stoked more controversy. The mounting pressure appears to have forced the whole tech industry to act.

Jones has reacted to his “censorship” on Twitter, the only platform which has not taken action against him. In response to being banned on the internet, he said, “All I can say is that we’ve been shadowbanned and quite frankly it’s only made us stronger.”.

“You sold the country out, and now you’re going to pay for it.”.

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