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Forex News: US Dollar June 15 2017 (8)

Forex News, Currency Converter, Exchange Rates Of Rupee

The US dollar rate in Pakistan is increasing almost every day at a fast pace. You can use the currency converter on this website to convert any amount of Pakistani currency into US dollars. The rate of dollar is changing on a daily basis. Therefore, the converter available on this website is updated every day according to the latest rate. You can trust the calculations made by this tool and get results within a matter of seconds. The U.S. dollar falls on Friday, dropping to its lowest level since November, against its main rivals as it extended its weakness stemming from political uncertainty emanating out of Washington.

The US Dollar Index fell 0.4% to 99.1 on May 12, 2017. It fell due to a less-than-expected increase in US retail sales in April 2017 from March 2017. US retail sales rose 0.7% during this period. The US Dollar Index fell 0.1% to 99.05 on May 15, 2017. The US dollar fell due to another missile test by North Korea, which raised geopolitical tensions between the US and North Korea.

US dollar news for 15/05/2017

The downfall of Le Pen has started another upward bounce for the common currency and sending it toward its next target of $110.40.Related link:

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