What makes CFD trading so attractive to investors

CFDs were originally invented in the early 1990’s by the derivative desk of Smith New Court CFD Trading enables investors to speculate on future market price fluctuations of various financial assets, without actually owning or holding the underlying asset.
CFD trade captures the price arbitrage of the underlying asset between the opening trade and the closing trade.
CFDs are leveraged instruments and are traded on margin. This means the trader funds a small portion of the value of the opened position.
CFDs provide increased flexibility and leverage are other advantages of CFD’s over more traditional types of margin trading. All types of margin trading carry financing charges, although in the case of CFD’s these are embedded in the price of the instrument. The make CFD’s attractive, but one should consider when trading with leverage, both gains and losses are magnified.
In addition, CFDs offer the opportunity to benefit from both bullish and bearish markets.
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The singaporean finacial regulator (MAS) requires a Minimal margin requirement of 2% except lower for certain underlying assets
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