Your Success, Our Success

Your Success, Our Success

Enhancements to the Markets in Financial Instrument Directive (MiFID II) took effect on January 3, 2018. Whether the U.S. tips into recession this year or not, chances are you won’t hear about it until well after it happens. That’s because the decision on whether the economy is in a serious slump or merely having a bad day rests with a little-known group of academics who deliberate behind the scenes. Ten years after the economy entered the worst downturn since the Great Depression, the group’s chair, Stanford University professor Robert Hall, gives Dan and Scott an inside look into how the panel makes its calls — and shares his thoughts on whether another recession could be in store soon.

In APAC, it is clear that sell-side institutions will need to begin unbundling services for EU clients. MiFID II will impact custodians, many of whom are likely to be providing clients with in-house research on capital markets – such as country research reports – for free. Under MiFID II, this will no longer be permitted as it will be considered an inducement, meaning custodians will have to start charging for these reports. For bundled services, clear price and costs of both the package and its component products should be communicated to clients on a timely, accurate and simple basis.” said Tan.

This particular presidential cycle has produced two of the most widely disliked candidates in history. We’ve seen that election years historically post lower returns than in the years before and after an election cycle, but this year is unique in that both candidates are viewed so unfavorably. The lack of unity around each presumptive nominee means we may see further emotional instability surrounding the markets during this election cycle.



Focus on Long Term- As stated above, market is often unstable, so, if you will wait for the right time to invest or focus on how market situation is today, then you will not be able to invest. Whenever you invest always have vision on how a particular bond or share can benefit you in the long term future. So, think far and set long term goals rather than short term.

Inflation adjustments are determined exclusively by the board, based in part on changes to the Canadian consumer price index (CPI). Canadian CPI rates are published by Statistics Canada to show how the prices of goods and services have changed. When an inflation adjustment is granted, it is applied to your pension beginning in January the following year.