5 ways to improve your website’s trust signals


If your website is lead-generation or sales, you need to convey professionalism to perform your website successfully online. A website must have an amazing look with best and advanced functionality and state-of-the-art graphics, but if customers don’t feel like it is credible or legit, they will go elsewhere.

Here are four important ways to help your website improve its transparency to reinforce the customer’s confidence in you.

  1. Site Navigation:

It is an important trust signal as there is a close link between site navigation and user experience. The structure of your site must be clear, designed with the user in mind and easily navigable. You must ensure that prime services pages that have their own pages are in the main navigation rather than making site visitors filter through to find them.

  1. Security Badges and Certificates:

With so much spam across the internet, you should assure that your visitor at your website is secure is paramount. This is true for e-commerce websites. If You are asking for very personal and important information from your valuable customer then you must need to provide security for those transactions.

  1. Using the SSL security protocol

It is very amazing to know how many businesses process credit card transactions without encrypting sensitive information through the SSL

If you require from your clients to register on your website in one way or the other or to use their credit cards for that matter, the importance of using the SSL protocol becomes high.

  1. Secure Checkout

If once a customer is ready to make a purchase from your website, there’s one final detail which influences their decision to follow through with it is securely transaction from their accounts. Before made transaction, you should ensure that the third-party payment vendor you choose is reliable and remains current on the latest security technology is extremely important.

  1. Money-Back Guarantee

If a customer doesn’t like the product or service which they receive once, it is a very good idea to offer them their money back. It is true when customers are making sizable purchases. Knowing that there’s no risk involved is a huge influencer that encourages people to go ahead and make a purchase. 30-day refund policy is sufficient.


Building trust in your customer mind by adopting standard security measures, like SSL certification, and being open and aboveboard in how you deal with folks who come to your e-commerce site. FutureProfilez is the best SEO Company in India which helps to increase to your conversion rates, bigger basket sizes, and happier customers.