6 Ideas to stay on budget when moving to a new house


Moving can be exciting and daunting at the same time, especially if you have loaded your existing house with stuff you do not need. Well, moving would not be challenging if you were not on a tight budget. However, when you want to save some extra bucks while moving, then you need to learn a few tricks of your own.

Now when it comes to moving to a new place on a budget, you need a strategy and a good plan.

First, let us break down the process into three simple steps:

  • Unscrewing – this is the part where you have to dismantle your furniture, unscrew everything, and make it packable. Not the most difficult part of moving, but it certainly requires a significant amount of effort.
  • Packing – this is where it gets all tedious and messy. Remember the more items you have, the more you pack and it will take you a while to cross this stage, as it requires a lot of labeling and sorting.
  • Moving – The fun part begins when you dump the boxes in the truck and depart to your next La Casa, where you start a new chapter of your life. But wait – just before that, there is a lot of unpacking to do. Not to forget, you have to set up the place.

Since we have got through with the segmentation, let us now get to the part where you get six Ideas to stay on budget when moving to a new house:

DIY Vs. Pros

If you have the cash, hire a professional moving company and let them take care of the whole process. However, if you seem to be on a budget and want to save every dime, then here is what you should do. Try to carry out as many tasks as you can without professional help. For starters, take the furniture that is easiest to dismantle. You do not want to pay movers for unscrewing a few nuts.

However, if you decide that you lack the energy or time for ‘Do It Yourself’, then consider the simplest ideas, as it can still help you save cash. When we talk about DIY, it means going through all three stages i.e. unscrewing, packing, and moving. Dismantle as much furniture as you can, try packing your stuff and move the boxes to your new home. You can leave the rest of the good old moving company.

The junk stays

One of the hardest things to do is to discard items that remain hidden in a corner. Even when your belongings are useless, you might still hold on to them for various reasons. You might think that some of it will come in handy soon, but if you have not used it for more than a year, chances are, you never will. So why would you be willing to pay for junk that you would never use? Discard the extra junk; donate it to a charitable organization, or just throw it out in the garbage, but whatever you do, do not get it onboard.

Ask a friend to lend a Truck

If your friend has a truck, you could borrow it to move your boxes! I mean, that is what friends are for, to help you in dire circumstances. By borrowing a friend’s truck, you might save a few hundred dollars on your moving costs, and all you would need to pay for is the gas. The next time you plan to move to a new house, make a few friends with big trucks who are okay with lending vehicles to each other – just saying.

Get More than one Quote

When you decide to burn your hard-earned savings, it is time to call a professional moving company. However, here is what you have to do, do not call the first company that appears on the list – call at least a dozen. Get multiple rates from multiple vendors and choose that is the cheapest and the most efficient.

Bargain Bargain Bargain

This is where it may get tricky, but hey, you need to save your money, don’t you! When you hire a professional moving company that is already cheaper than the rest in the market, bargain some more. You would be amazed at how these companies overprice their services for customers just like you – who bargain. In all fairness, you do get a really good deal out of it, as these companies have very flexible prices.

Is it that time of the year?

Do you know moving has a peak season? You probably don’t. During certain times of the year, moving can cost you more, especially during the holiday season or when it is snowing outside. Therefore, plan your transition for the cheaper season.
It is wise to check the weather before you schedule your mover.  If it helps, never move to a new house just before Easter, Christmas, or the New Year, as that is when it would cost you the most.

Moving between houses can be an expensive endeavor, but following these helpful little tricks will help you reduce your moving expenses by a lot. However, if by any chance you were looking for a bonus tip, then here it is:

Never Buy Cardboard Boxes

Many people end up buying packing boxes from the moving company, only to throw them later. What most people do not realize is they might have boxes lying all around them. For example, you get a free box when you bought the new microwave or the new copier at your office. The point is, do not buy packing boxes unless you need them. Just try to get as many free boxes as you can.

There you have it. 6 ideas that will make your next move hassle-free and most importantly, affordable.