A Quick Look at Leading iBall Laptops and Reasons to Buy One


Anyone who wants to buy a laptop in India may come across many well-known and novice laptop brands. Now, when all of such laptop brands have some or other unique features, it may become tough for a customer to decide.

While figuring out your options in the market, you may also come across an iBall laptop. You may be surprised at the sheer amount of affordability that comes with them. As a result, you may conclude that such low-cost laptops such as the iBall CompBook may not be of higher quality. However, it is not always right!

 iBall laptops are made with advanced materials and technology. They may work best for people who are beginner level users or students who may be willing to learn computer basics. However, you may even see some corporate employees also using iBall laptops. As it goes with all laptop brands, handling a laptop carefully can enhance its life.

You can go through this post to know about some of the leading iBall laptops if you have common needs and don’t want to spend higher on a laptop.

To help you decide, you will also come to know about some reasons behind buying an iBall laptop.

If budget is a concern and if you can’t pay the full price of the laptop, you will also come to know about an easy finance alternative. Read on till the end to know more!

Top iBall laptops that you can buy


  • iBall CompBook M500 Celeron Dual Core 14-Inch Laptop


iBall was the first Indian company to introduce the most affordable laptop in the

market. The iBall CompBook M500 Celeron Dual Core 14-Inch Laptop is of those models. You can come across many handy and basic features to help you fulfil your basic computing needs. Let’s have a look:

  • 14-inch Full HD LED Backlit IPS Display
  • Intel Celeron Dual Core processor
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64-bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • You can buy the iBall CompBook M500 Celeron Dual Core 14-Inch Laptop for as low as around Rs.15,000 in India.
  • iBall CompBook – OHD Atom 11.6-Inch Laptop



Here is yet another super affordable iBall laptop that you can invest if you have basic and day-to-day needs. It is the iBall CompBook – OHD Atom 11.6-Inch Laptop. Let’s have a look at its key specs to dig deeper:

  • 11.6-inch display
  • Intel Atom processor
  • 2GB DR3 RAM
  • 32-bit Windows 10 Operating System

Buying the iBall CompBook – OHD Atom 11.6-Inch Laptop won’t poke a hole in your pocket as it’s available at only around Rs.10,500 in India.

Why should you buy an iBall laptop?

There are plenty of reasons to convince you to buy an iBall laptop. Have a look at a few of them:


  • iBall is an Indian brand


If you love to buy from other Indian brands, why not a laptop! If users in India won’t encourage the local brand, then who would? iBall is rightly trying to make its presence felt with its affordable line of laptops in the competitive Indian laptop market. And its efforts deserve applause.


  • Basic features to help you carry on with your daily needs


The specs of iBall laptops are not sub-standard that will not work after a while. The features of the laptops are well suited for beginners, students and average users. If you can handle the laptop well, you won’t face issues.


  • The amazing affordability


Compared with other brands, you get to buy an iBall laptop without burning a hole. If you can compromise on some advanced features that you get in a leading brand, buying an iBall laptop for average needs may work superbly.

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